Our clients range in size, mission, and structure—from private and community foundations to corporate and donor-advised funds. But they all have one thing in common. They share our commitment to minimizing the effect of disasters on vulnerable communities around the globe through effective disaster philanthropy.

Discover the various ways we’ve helped these organizations and industry leaders maximize their disaster-giving impact. Then contact Vice President Regine A. Webster at regine.webster@disasterphilanthropy.org or 206-972-0187 to find out how CDP can help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your disaster philanthropy.

To help the Annie E. Casey Foundation build their disaster philanthropy capacity, the CDP consulting services team created a comprehensive domestic grantmaking program. The new program set disaster response guidelines, developed an internal process for funding and reviewing grant requests, and created a team to assess local and national disasters for funding opportunities.

When Flint experienced a community crisis caused by lead-contaminated drinking water, the C.S. Mott Foundation requested CDP’s expert analysis from CDP’s consulting services team. Drawing upon our experience with other disasters, we interviewed foundation and city leaders, surveyed disaster materials for best practices and experiences, and made a series of recommendations about potential next steps for intermediate and long-term recovery with the help of a national funding coalition.

There’s nothing like helping your community rebuild after massive flash flooding to motivate you to find new ways to bounce back better after a disaster. The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation engaged CDP’s consulting services team in developing a model to increase their community’s capacity to respond to and recover from future disasters.

CDP partners with the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities on an exciting regional effort to empower community foundations to take lead roles in the face of disaster. Find out more about the Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency & Emergency Partnership (PPREP) program that is working with seventeen community foundations from a ten-state area in the Midwest, along the Missouri River.

As part of the $1 billion National Disaster Resilience Competition organized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Rockefeller Foundation retained the Center for Disaster Philanthropy in an effort to help governmental applicants engage with foundations, corporations, and community organizations. Our consulting services team highlighted the money philanthropy contributes to the short- and long-term efforts surrounding disaster recovery and resilience, as well as the intellectual and social capital foundations and nonprofit organizations provide. We made hundreds of connections, with the dual purpose of strengthening competition submissions and underscoring the needs of vulnerable populations.

The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association asked CDP to evaluate how their industry, given its unique satellite assets, could provide assistance to people affected by natural disasters. Our consulting services team conducted a feasibility study that included an environmental scan, surveys, and research that resulted in the development of a pilot task force.

The San Francisco Foundation (TSSF) came to us to find out how our consulting services team could enhance their disaster grantmaking strategy and help them allocate staffing resources in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic Bay Area event. After an in-depth evaluation, CDP developed a program for TSSF that included a long-term recovery capacity assessment, a disaster analysis tool, and community case studies.

CDP’s consulting services team put our subject matter expertise to work in making TechSoup’s guide for IT disaster planning and recovery more readable and applicable to a much broader – and not necessarily technically inclined – audience.

With a disaster budget already approved by their board, the Westfield Insurance Foundation asked CDP to help them become a more educated and sophisticated disaster grantmaker. Find out how our consulting services team helped our new colleagues refine their grantmaking capacity by moving them from making scrambled eggs to creating a soufflé.