When your disaster giving falls outside typical grantmaking processes or organizational priorities, you need a strategic plan that enables you to respond quickly and effectively. Our one-on-one guidance will transform your disaster-related giving to be more intentional. And, our pragmatic focus means that your plan can be easily implemented.

CDP works with you to design custom strategies that align with your organization’s priorities, grantmaking experience, and values. We take the time to get to know what really matters to you and your organization.

The CDP strategic planning process is designed to help you:

Implement strategic programs. Achieve your disaster-related giving goals by implementing a rigorous grantmaking program that advances your organizational objectives and values. Find out how we helped an insurance carrier become a more strategic disaster grantmaker.

Respond globally. Take an innovative, high-impact approach to international disasters.

Lead your community. Become a leader in planning and preparing for your community for disasters. See how CDP helped Duluth increase the community’s disaster capacity.