A Donor’s Guide to Funding the Three Phases of the Refugee Crisis

Refugees around the world are moving in record numbers. The global refugee crisis has dominated news headlines in the past year, and will have significant impact on social and political issues during the years to come.

In this in-depth report on the global refugee crisis, we examine refugees and their journey from three perspectives:

  • Transit: Refugees in transit—whether it is throughout Europe, across the Mediterranean, or on difficult border roads elsewhere—must endure the natural elements and man-made risks. Refugee families face uncertainty, hunger, loneliness, illness, and often risk death as they seek a better life for themselves and their families. Here we’ll look at what they are risking and where they are headed, as well as how funders can tackle helping protect and provide for refugees along the way.
  • Tents: Refugees living in camps often end up there for many years. Refugee camps also pose a challenge for host countries. In this section, CDP examines how funders can improve camp capacity and help both refugees and host countries.
  • Homes: This section looks primarily at how refugees are resettled into the United States and how funders on a local level can provide them a warm welcome and a fresh start. We also outline what happens during the long resettlement process as people adjust to and start new lives.