In 2012 there were 310 natural disasters; 9,930 deaths related to natural disasters; 106 million people victimized by natural disasters;115 countries affected by disasters; and $180 billion in damages, according to the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters.

typhoon-haiyan-3Each disaster brought unique challenges and concerns, as well as a plethora of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) willing to help. In fact there are 174 disaster relief organizations, and 144,000 NGOs of all types in 1999.

With so many organizations helping people in need, how  do you decided which organizations to support?

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers strategic one-on-one guidance for donors wanting to make the most of every dollar given for disaster preparedness through disaster recovery. These services include:

Strategy Development

Our expert staff work directly with donors to clarify goals related to disaster philanthropy and develop concrete steps to bring vision into reality.

Due diligence

We take care of investigating the track record, capacity, finances, and human resource capabilities of potential grantee organizations, considering past programming as a guide to how they might respond to a future disaster.

Program Evaluation

CDP helps donors understand the result and impact of grants.


Newsletters, webinars, workshops, site visits, and other opportunities allow donors to deepen their awareness of and engagement in disaster philanthropy.

Disaster-specific Giving Plans 

CDP incorporates best-practices solutions, disaster updates, and expert insight for effective giving in the wake of domestic and international emergencies. CDP’s primary concern is the disaster-affected person and his or her community. At the same time, our services are donor-targeted and donor-driven. We want to help you determine how and when to invest most strategically to achieve your goals.