In the wake of a disaster, emotions run high. Dramatic images circulate alongside startling statistics of lives lost and billions of dollars in damages.

Donors wishing to make an impact to long-term recovery often look to the CDP Disaster Recovery Fund. While other funds might address immediate relief, the fund has the focus of supporting long-term recovery where other funds might not exist.

We’re moved to do something-anything-to help. Immediate needs must be met. Lives must be saved and vital functions restored. But if disaster funding begins and ends there, the opportunity for strategic long-term recovery and true rebuilding of the community has passed.

CDP’s Disaster Recovery Fund, shepherded by a team of experts in disaster philanthropy, offers a place for donors to give with confidence, knowing that monies given will target both emerging and imminent needs.

In addition to awarding grants for specific emergencies, the fund makes strategic investments in research, preparedness, and planning, fully demonstrating the value of a streamlined, long-term approach. As a permanent resource for the disaster philanthropy community, the fund extends beyond the crisis of disaster response to help create truly resilient communities, all the while combining efforts for greatest impact.

Imagine, instead, the tactical allocation of funds across the entire disaster life cycle, from disaster preparedness through long-term recovery. With thoughtful analysis ahead of the disaster, each dollar given in response can be used to its full potential. That not only means less waste and duplication of efforts; it also means combined dollars can reach further toward solutions.