Transform the field of disaster philanthropy to increase donor effectiveness throughout the lifecycle of disasters through our educational, fund opportunities and strategic guidance.


A world where donors strategically plan for and respond to disasters in order to minimize their impact on vulnerable populations and communities.

Theory of Change

  • Educate and inform. As the expert on all issues regarding the life cycle of disasters, the Center will be active throughout the year, widely disseminating our expertise through our web site, the media, seminars, and our partners.
  • Help donors collaborate. The Center will help funders learn, present opportunities for collaboration, and help leverage their collective strength through Funds and other activities.
  • Be a thought Leader. We will provide leadership in transforming the way government and philanthropy respond to disasters.
  • Coordination. We will help philanthropists coordinate giving across sectors to achieve maximum impact, leverage and timing of gifts.
  • Increase effectiveness and impact. We will help to increase the effectiveness of donor dollars given for disasters.