The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)’s 2018 World Disasters Report warns that millions of people living in crisis may not be receiving the humanitarian assistance they desperately need. The report spotlights the global challenges involved in delivering aid to the most vulnerable people—along with solutions to help humanitarian actors better reach communities around the world. In the report, global experts in humanitarian assistance and disaster response reveal that a lack of funding is not the only issue limiting how many people in need receive aid.

The report identifies five fatal flaws that that can lead to international humanitarian actors inadvertently leaving people behind: too many affected people are 1) out of sight, 2) out of reach, 3) left out of the loop, or find themselves in crises that are 4) out of money, or deemed to be 5) out of scope because they are suffering in ways that are not seen as the responsibility of the humanitarian sector.

The report also includes clear and compelling recommendations to overcome these structural problems.

Read the full report here.