The Hurricane Harvey Registry was born out of a need to identify and track the long-term health and housing impacts of the storm. The registry was officially launched in April 2018 with the objective of establishing a baseline understanding of the environmental health risks from the storm. Led by Chambers County, the Environmental Defense Fund, Fort Bend County, Harris County Public Health, Houston Health Department, Montgomery County, Rice University’s Children’s Environmental Health Initiative, and Victoria County, the registry focuses on documenting how the storm affected health in Texas communities, shaping public health solutions and better preparing the region for future weather disasters.

So far, more than 13,000 individual registrants, capturing the living environments of over 39,000 residents, spanning 13 counties, have reflected on how Harvey impacted their physical health, mental health, property, financial security, and many other aspects of their life. This preliminary report is based on the 9,798 people who responded to the survey by Jan. 2, 2019.

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