Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are donated in response to disasters and humanitarian crises. Who is giving? Where do the funds go? For what purposes? And can this data guide funders in making more strategic funding decisions?

Since 2014, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Foundation Center have been working to answer these questions by producing Measuring State of Disaster Philanthropy platform. The data make it clear that, though relatively small, private giving in particular plays a critical and distinct role. Uniquely flexible, disaster philanthropy can take bold action to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Learn how to use the State of Disaster Philanthropy interactive dashboard to drive better funding decisions and explore these instructional guides and how-to videos.

GUIDE: 3 Ways to Leverage Disaster Giving Data

This brief instructional guide explains how you can learn from other funders’ disaster grantmaking, discover funding gaps, and identify partners working in your geographic area.

VIDEO: How to Explore Funding Gaps