The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance is a consortium of Louisiana-based private, community, and corporate foundations and donors that was founded to address issues of disaster recovery and resilience and reduce levels of risk and vulnerability across the state in the face of repetitive events.

ldralogoThis consortium brings Louisiana’s foundation community together with federal and state government partners in a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership that takes a long-term approach to building resilience at every phase of the disaster life cycle (preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation). As a cross-sector collaboration, LDRA uses the resources and strengths of each member to make informed and innovative decisions. The vision of this group is to examine the threats facing Louisiana with a long-term lens and to produce a set of innovative, locally-specific solutions that will rebuild healthy, sustainable and resilient communities.

The Great Flood of 2016 brought tragedy to our state. It also presented the philanthropic sector with an opportunity to collaborate, draw on past disaster grant-making experience, and demonstrate knowledge gained from past events. The partners to this collaborative effort, including the state and federal government, are committed to work together to make smart investments in communities.

In support of this goal, the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance has created a joint fund for recovery and welcomes donations which will be put to use in support of building a more resilient Louisiana.

The Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance will use its collective power to advocate and raise awareness about a disaster of great size and scale that is impacting our state. The group’s goal is to leverage resources from many sectors and use them to meet pressing community resilience and recovery needs and to build capacity and increase the performance of all partners to the process.