Rain Pummels Plains Regions

Total rainfall in Texas and Oklahoma is at near-record levels, and has caused severe flooding across the plains. Rain is expected to continue until this weekend. News reports indicate that the rain and flooding has killed 31 and that 13 … Continued

Nepal: A Call to Action

Six months ago many in the humanitarian system wondered if it was the worst it has ever been, with crises in Syria, South Sudan, and the Central Africa Republic. Then came Ebola. And Yemen. And now Nepal. The thing is, … Continued

Shelter – Now. Then. And Later.

The average American gets nine hours of sleep a night. Most of those average Americans sleep in a home, with a roof, a pillow, a mattress, and some sort of cover. But what does sleep look like for residents of … Continued

Nepal: Watch. Learn. Then Act

News from Nepal the past two days about the devastating April 25th earthquake has been chilling: story after story report rapidly changing death tolls, contain scary accounts of power outages and are filled images of indiscernible structures covered in dust. … Continued