Our grantmaking process

Our grantmaking is community-driven, equity-focused and holistic

Airmen, soldiers and civilians with the National Guard repair the home of Michelle Samuel in LaPlata, Md., during "National Rebuilding Day." (Photo by Tech. Sgt. Mike R. Smith, National Guard)

Four key elements drive our community-driven, equity-focused and holistic grantmaking process:

  1. Analysis
    Our fund directors carefully assess the overall impact of the disaster across three priorities:

    • Populations affected (e.g. women, children, older adults, medically dependent and communities of color).
    • Systemic inequities that already exist and those that arise as a result of the event (e.g. food and water security, housing and mental health).
    • Geographic impact of the event (e.g. specific cities, towns and counties).We also work to identify how other funders in the region are allocating their dollars.
  1. Expertise
    Our fund directors also benefit significantly from the expertise of other team members with years of on-the-ground disaster response, recovery and humanitarian work experience. Additionally, directors have access to the advice and counsel of CDP’s board of directors, comprised of fellow funders and grantmakers, corporate and ESG leaders, as well as leaders in the humanitarian nonprofit world. Members of our advisory council also provide guidance in specific areas of expertise, from understanding the effects of natural hazards on specific geographies to a deep analysis of marginalized populations and rural communities.This assessment process begins within one month after a disaster strikes and can run for several years, throughout the long-term recovery process.
  1. Community connections
    An essential part of CDP grantmaking is connecting with and listening to the community. Our team leverages existing relationships with grantmakers, philanthropy serving organizations and nonprofit organizations. We also build new connections with communities community members, local community-based organizations and other funders.In addition, we utilize data and maps, review media reports and take into account other expert assessments. We have no intention of  “going it alone.” Our strategic fund distribution process benefits from a range of voices on the ground.
  1. Grantee balance and focus
    When missions align and solid relationships are in place, the grantmaker-grantee partner relationship flows seamlessly. We believe in sustaining local capacity and planning for the future. To do this, we allocate funds across local and national organizations, both large and small, and to organizations that focus on populations most at-risk because of systemic inequities and areas with the highest need.

CDP does not accept unsolicited proposals. The results of our needs assessments determine which nonprofit organizations will be invited to apply for funding.

CDP does not solicit fees or any form of payment from grant seekers or job applicants. Please contact us with any questions about grant applications, grant awards or employment opportunities. Charity Navigator has good tips to help protect yourself and your donation.