For Nonprofits

Here are a few ways that our grantee partners and other U.S. and international non-governmental organizations can connect with us.

We strive to support the work of domestic and international organizations serving our communities.

We highly value the work of our grantee partners and other domestic and international NGOs working to support people who have been affected by a disaster. There are a few ways that these organizations can connect with us.

  • Stay informed about the latest news and information – We welcome NGOs to attend our webinars and review our other educational resources, especially Issue Insights and the Disaster Philanthropy Playbook. Also, follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Our grantmaking – CDP does not accept unsolicited proposals. However, we know that we are not aware of all organizations responding to a disaster. We want to learn more about your work, so please add us to your mailing lists and send updates whenever you activate for a disaster. All updates should be sent to our learning and partnerships team and then to the domestic or international grantmaking teams.
  • CDP Pre-Check – CDP Pre-Check is our way of completing due diligence on an organization ahead of time to help us assess their potential for grants from us or other funders. Immediately after a disaster, donors have the desire to help and want to respond quickly. But they don’t always know which organizations to support with confidence or how to make the best use of their funds, especially for long-term recovery. More importantly, they are not always able to assess at that moment which organizations can be trusted to use their donations appropriately. 

    Donors often ask us to identify which NGOs are responding to disasters and which established disaster funds to consider for support. We recognize how important it is to connect responding organizations with donors who want to support their work, so we are committed to making reliable recommendations.

Please review the CDP Pre-Check guidelines and follow the appropriate steps.

We are committed to embedding racial and intersectional equity and our organizational values into our practices, operations and decision-making. This includes how we choose organizations to support through our grantmaking and those we recommend to other funders. Read our nondiscrimination policy to learn more.