Harness our team’s unique experience in philanthropy, nonprofit leadership and disaster management for strategic and practical solutions to your disaster-related giving.

Your partner in effective disaster giving

We offer foundations, corporations and individuals a suite of client-centered strategies grounded in three principles:

  • Fund local.
  • Learn from others.
  • Stay true to your organizational mission.

We also provide a number of ways to support the work of our grantee partners and other nongovernmental organizations supporting communities affected by disasters.

Explore the ways we can help.

For foundations, donor-advised funds and corporations

We offer the following services to grantmaking institutions and corporations:

  • Grants management – Boost the effectiveness of current disaster giving. We supplement your staffing with our real-time disaster expertise by introducing you to vetted nonprofits, developing proposal and reporting templates, tracking implementation and more. Our thorough program evaluation services provide progress updates on new ways you can help better support community partners.
  • Research and analyses – Delve deeper into a topic of interest. Our findings and analyses are accompanied by concrete, actionable recommendations for our client partners.
  • Strategic planning – Align organizational goals, values and strategies with customized disaster giving. We get to know what matters to you and your organization to ensure your disaster philanthropy is intentional and can be easily implemented.
  • Technical assistance – Strengthen internal expertise and successfully implement disaster-giving initiatives. We provide a range of operational or management support that includes custom training and workshops, due diligence, data review and more.
  • NGO list curation –  Know which local, national or international disaster-serving nongovernmental organizations to support soon after a disaster.
    We provide lists of trusted organizations that have gone through CDP Pre-Check, our due-diligence process that includes reviewing each organization’s mission, programs, governance structure and financial stability.

We tailor our services to your organizational goals and CSR/ESG needs. Contact Regine A. Webster for more information.

For nonprofits

We highly value the work of our grantee partners and other domestic and international NGOs working to support people who have been affected by a disaster. There are a few ways that these organizations can connect with us.

  • Stay informed about the latest news and information – We welcome NGOs to attend our webinars and review our other educational resources, especially Issue Insights and the Disaster Philanthropy Playbook. Also, follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Our grantmaking – CDP does not accept unsolicited grants. However, we know that we are not aware of all organizations responding to a disaster. We want to learn more about your work, so please add us to your mailing lists and send updates whenever you activate for a disaster. All updates should be sent to our learning and partnerships team and then to the domestic or international grantmaking teams.
  • CDP Pre-Check – CDP Pre-Check is our way of completing due diligence on an organization ahead of time to help us assess their potential for grants from us or other funders. Immediately after a disaster, donors have the desire to help and want to respond quickly. But they don’t always know which organizations to support with confidence or how to make the best use of their funds, especially for long-term recovery. More importantly, they are not always able to assess at that moment which organizations can be trusted to use their donations appropriately.
    Donors often ask us to identify which NGOs are responding to disasters and which established disaster funds to consider for support. We recognize how important it is to connect responding organizations with donors who want to support their work, so we are committed to making effective and reliable recommendations.
    Please review the CDP Pre-Check guidelines and follow the appropriate steps.
Meet our clients

Our clients range in size, mission and structure – from private and community foundations to corporations and donor-advised funds. They all share our commitment to minimizing the effect of disasters and humanitarian crises on communities around the globe through effective disaster philanthropy.

Discover how our team helped these organizations and industry leaders maximized their impact.

“We recommend that funders interested in supporting disaster recovery utilize the services of Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) to design their plans. … [CDP] got to know our overall philanthropic philosophy as well as the Westfield Insurance corporate structure and culture and objectively offered recommendations.”

Gretchen Long
Community Investment Leader
Westfield Insurance Foundation

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We welcome the opportunity to answer questions and tailor our consulting services to meet your needs. For more information, contact Regine A. Webster.

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