Meet Our 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund Grantee Partners

The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund provided funding to organizations working to help communities rebuild and recover from devastating storms.

Global Relief Recovery & Reconstruction (GER3)'s local team supporting the debris removal and home rehabilitation in Grand Bahama, an area that was devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Debris removal is a critical first step for recovery. (Photo courtesy of GER3)

Community Organized Relief Efforts (CORE) was awarded $225,000 for their Bahamas Home Repair Program. The funds will enable them to provide home repair assistance to 25 families whose homes in Abaco were damaged by Hurricane Dorian.

Friends of the Environment received $95,370 to implement a new WASH education program in 13 Abaco schools and install rainwater collection systems in partnership with Water Mission International. The WASH curricula will increase awareness of the importance of maintaining a clean, fresh water supply and provide information on how to improve hygiene and water conservation practices, while being sensitive to the context of hurricane recovery and disaster preparedness.

Global Emergency Relief Recovery & Reconstruction (GER3) was awarded $500,000 to help rebuild two hurricane shelters and at least 15 hurricane-damaged homes of vulnerable families on Abaco, the island most severely affected by Hurricane Dorian. The goal is to ensure these communities are more resilient and better prepared for future storms. GER3 will also partner with the Rocky Mountain Institute (through a separate CDP grant) to install resilient microgrid solar energy systems at three designated shelters.

Mercy Corps received $475,000 to support livelihoods on Abaco through their Restoring Industries and Sustaining Employment (RISE) program, which provides small-scale grants, training and mentorship to support local economic recovery. The RISE program combines business recovery grants with remote business training and mentorship activities to help micro, small and medium enterprises in the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian and build their resilience to future shocks like hurricanes as well as the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Rocky Mountain Institute was awarded $466,618 to support the assessment, planning, procurement and installation of three solar microgrids at designated schools/shelters in the Central Abaco district. The project seeks to make the local Abaco energy system more resilient, low cost, and sustainable by building clean energy infrastructure at critical facilities such as schools and emergency shelters. The projects will ensure power is provided to public services, reduce future economic losses, and help save lives during and after major storm events.

Water Missions International received $250,000 for the Marsh Harbour, Bahamas Solarization Recovery Project. In collaboration with Friends of the Environment, Water Mission will build resilience in the community by installing rainwater collection systems, increasing water storage at six schools, and conducting WASH outreach and education to school-aged children.