2022 Annual Impact Report

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy saw 2022 as a year of many firsts, milestones and learnings as we mobilized our expertise, consulting services and grantmaking to help communities thrive before and after disasters.

A child refugee whose family fled Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, March 2022. Photo by Tom Remp

We envision a world where the impact of disasters is minimized by thoughtful, equitable and responsible recovery for all.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s team of experts helps individual and institutional donors mobilize philanthropy to strengthen communities’ ability to emerge stronger after disasters.

Working together to help communities thrive

“At the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, we met the challenges 2022 brought with a determination to advance our efforts to improve the support we provide to donors, grantmakers and our community partners.”

Our continuing racial and intersectional equity journey

In November 2022, we adopted integrity, boldness and innovation, humility, and empathy as a new set of organizational values that will guide our work and our aspirations for doing better.

Imagine a world where people can thrive despite disasters.

Successful recovery is not just about restoring services and structures. It entails addressing the root causes of vulnerabilities so that, ultimately, all people and communities can thrive after disasters strike.

In 2022, we supported community-driven efforts to help communities in the U.S. and worldwide recover from previous years’ disasters and from the Afghanistan earthquake, Hurricanes Ian and Fiona, low-attention disasters, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and other recent crises.

Through our consulting services and educational resources, we helped individuals, families, corporations and foundations do the same.

We thank all our donors for helping communities worldwide recover stronger after disasters.

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