2020 is Challenging the World. Full Stop.

A wildland firefighter’s view of the large smoke plume coming from the Cameron Peak Fire during structure protection operations. (Source: South Metro Fire Rescue)

The dual pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice, natural disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies and the health, social and economic pressures resulting from them are threatening to overwhelm fragile communities worldwide. In the 10 years that the Center for Disaster Philanthropy has been in existence and the 17+ years I have worked in this field, we have never seen this many competing crises.

Regrettably, Colorado is joining a record-breaking North American Wildfire season. For the first time in eight years, Colorado saw statewide drought conditions this summer, fueling record-breaking wildfires. Three fires continue to challenge firefighters in the area – the Cameron Peak Fire, the East Troublesome Fire and the Calwood Fire. The Cameron Peak and East Troublesome fires are the first- and second-largest fires in Colorado history. As of October 26, the East Troublesome Fire had reached 192,560 acres and was 10% contained, while the Cameron Peak Fire had reached 208,663 acres and 64% containment.

We know that communities across Colorado are rallying around those affected by the wildfires with immediate aid. But for the hundreds of residents affected, the road to recovery is long. In response, CDP has launched the CDP Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund to support on-the-ground efforts to rebuild and recover.

The Fund will help communities recover through targeted grantmaking that prioritizes medium- to long-term recovery. With an emphasis on recovery, this Fund:

  • Targets and supports vulnerable populations and communities disproportionally affected.
  • Identifies and fills in gaps where public resources are unavailable or scarce.
  • Gives locally and prioritizes grants to community nonprofits and community groups.
  • Builds and supports collaborative relationships among donors.

CDP is committed to helping grantmakers and donors channel much-needed funding to communities devastated by the wildfires. If you have questions about the CDP Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund, please do not hesitate to reach out.

If you would like to support recovery efforts, please consider donating.

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