A Statement in Response to these Times

In our work we are faced with the realities of disasters. We know the anguish. We know the fear. We know the hopelessness. And so, we call out this time in our country for what it is – a complex humanitarian emergency – in recognition of both the systemic social, health and political disparities that brought us to this time and the harrowing injustices that are pervasive in all aspects of life for Black Americans.

We add our voices to stand in solidarity with the courageous people working for change. Though we have begun to fund differently to support these organizations, we know there is much more to do. We will focus our work so that philanthropy mobilizes to create real, transformative change by listening, learning, understanding and investing in Black communities and Black-led organizations as a standard way of doing business, not simply as a “nice to do” when it is convenient. We will use our platforms to stand up for what is right and just and fair.

Our collective future depends on it.

Your year-end gift matters

Your gift can change lives, empower communities and make a world of difference in the year ahead. Whether you give a little or a lot, every dollar supports equitable disaster recovery. For potential tax benefits, make your gift on or before Dec. 31, 2023.

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