A Thanksgiving Message from Our President & CEO

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

Our President & CEO Patty McIlreavy shares a special message reflecting on the past year and what, on this day of thanks, she is grateful for.

Hi, I’m Patty McIlreavy, president & CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy with a thanksgiving message for our friends and supporters.

In the early days of the pandemic, we had an outpouring of public support for our front-line workers and record-breaking generosity was on constant display. And even though vaccines are now available and mask mandates are lifted, the long months took their toll.

Disaster experts, operational nonprofits and the philanthropists that support them have been through a lot these past years. We’ve had disasters from natural hazards – some we’ve all heard of, and others we’ve not but are no less devastating for those affected. New complex humanitarian emergencies – such as Ukraine or Tigray – broke out while other crises continued for yet another year.

Many of us are tired and frustrated, and our tanks of hope grow depleted. But we have a solution in hand.


To the CDP team and Board, thank you for all you do to make CDP better every day.

To our grantee partners, thank you for listening to disaster-affected communities and developing innovative programs alongside them.

To CDP’s donors and clients, thank you for your trust in us and your support in thoughtful and equitable recovery for people affected by disasters.

I am more grateful today for every one of you than I was yesterday,

But not as much as I will be tomorrow.

I appreciate you, one and all.

Happy Thanksgiving.