A Year of Giving, A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CDP to you and your loved ones.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite of holidays. For over a decade, my family’s tradition has been to run the turkey chase in the cool fall morning air, have a simple brunch together with friends, and then spend the day cooking, eating and celebrating.

This year though, as with so much in 2020, the pandemic has altered our plans. Runs are canceled and family and friends are unable to travel and be together.

And the pandemic has not been the extent of the year’s challenges for too many of us. The ripple effects of the pandemic continue to be felt beyond the limitations on our movements, with health, economic and social well-being concerns plaguing many Americans. Furthermore, wildfires, hurricanes, derechos and floods have wreaked havoc across the globe, and human-caused disasters continue to impact countless lives.

Every life altered by disaster weighs heavily on the CDP team, making thankfulness for all that people do for each other even more critical.

We are reminded by the humanity that surrounds us.

We are grateful that amid each disaster, there are people and organizations stepping up to help individuals and communities in a multitude of ways.

We are grateful for the kindness and caring that bind and define us as a people.

We appreciate your role, be it one of partner, donor, grantee or friend.

Throughout the week, our Week of Gratitude, CDP has been highlighting impact stories – stories and others like them made possible through your support.

Thank you, and may your holiday be filled with laughter, joy and happiness!

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