CDP statement on the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is horrified by Hamas’ terror attacks on and kidnappings of civilians and heartbroken by the Israeli government’s unprecedented declaration of war and response against Hamas, resulting in death and injury for thousands of residents in Israel and Gaza. 

We are deeply concerned by the worsening of an already dire humanitarian crisis due to the attacks. 

The complexities of the crisis, including continued attacks by Hamas and the Israeli government’s responses will severely affect response, relief and recovery efforts. 

In this highly politicized and emotionally charged environment, we advise donors to make choices in their giving that center humanity and seek to help those with the greatest unmet needs. We encourage caution and patience in determining how best to help affected communities on all sides of the conflict. 

While we understand that many of us are feeling rage and despair at what is unfolding, we ask that you seek hope, harmony and healing in your giving choices. 

Lastly, CDP calls on all parties to the conflict to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law. Civilians and civilian infrastructure must be respected and protected, as must those trying to help them. All people deserve and have the right to a home, safe shelter, freedom of religious expression and respect. 

CDP is closely monitoring the situation and listening to partners working with affected communities. We remain available to help donors with their giving choices in response to this crisis. 


Updated 10/12/2023