Inaugural Hurricane Harvey Grants Fund Community-Based, Long-Term Recovery

Thanks to the generosity of more than 300,000 donors, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy raised just over $14 million to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey. With your collective support, the grant committee’s expertise, our Board leadership, and the dozens of individuals who have lent us their wisdom, we are pleased to announce the first round of Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund grants. We have awarded $1.2 million to support seven organizations who will help 15,000 households with long-term recovery throughout the Texas Gulf Coast!

The inaugural grantees include six long-term recovery groups working in affected areas outside of Houston/Harris County and one from the Disaster Leadership Team, the group working to advise, mentor, and guide these and other groups working on long-term recovery throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund Director Sally Ray offers this wisdom:

“Those familiar with the long-term recovery process know that a successful recovery is based on the efficient and effective creation of a community-based long-term recovery plan. Long-term recovery groups are made up of community leaders, nonprofit groups, faith-based organizations, and affected residents who know best what the needs of each community are and how to address those needs. Providing some capacity to develop and work those plans is a focused and strategic way to leverage the CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund. These groups can also provide insight into what future needs may be in these communities and how best to direct additional grants.”

Without further ado…

The Coastal Bend Recovery Group received a grant of $250,000 to work with case managers to identify an estimated 8,000 households and refer them to community resources for further assistance; purchase materials for and coordinate the repair or rebuild more than 100 homes; and, to initiate an initiative to address additional unmet needs in the area.

The Disaster Leadership Team received a grant in the amount of $50,000 to support communities and Texas Long-Term Recovery Groups working to recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. They are also planning to develop an online searchable database of long-term recovery forms and documents for other groups to use as they ramp up for the long-term recovery process.

The Galveston County Long Term Recovery Group was awarded $219,000 to facilitate county-wide outreach and communications on available disaster-related services and advise local government and other stakeholders on community needs and the state of the recovery. The grant also enables the LTRG to directly fund disaster case management and analyze disaster related data to conduct outreach and to identify service gaps in the county.

Help! I’m Hurting! Inc., was awarded $100,000 to address the long-term recovery needs of Port Arthur’s uninsured and under-insured residents who have been unable to secure assistance with recovery needs. They plan to support community resident sustainability and meet and maintain housing needs.

Tri County Disaster Rebuild SETX received $250,000 through their fiscal agent, the United Way of Orange County. Funds from this grant will establish and implement a long-term recovery team to support the unmet needs of citizens affected by Hurricane Harvey in Jefferson, Orange and Hardin Counties.

The Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group will use their $250,000 grant to establish a permanent, effective and accountable long-term recovery group. This group will plan and provide recovery services to individuals and families affected by disasters in Victoria County.

The Wharton County Long Term Recovery Group received a grant in the amount of $100,000 to provide for the unmet needs of Harvey survivors within the county. The organization’s goal is to provide the infrastructure for long-term rebuilding. Some of this work will be done through direct assistance and rebuilding. Other elements of the work will be to coordinate volunteer groups to provide assistance.

As we continue to put your generosity to work for affected communities, we will use the CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund in a focused and purposeful manner, leveraging other public and private funds to have the greatest impact on recovery efforts in Harvey-affected areas of Texas. The grant committee members appointed to guide this fund are determined to support an efficient and effective recovery process. And Sally Ray, director of the fund, is focused on addressing the unmet needs associated with the hurricane.

I have one last point to add. Since funding long-term recovery committees is a bit new for us and since there is some financial risk with funding some of these new or recently grown organizations, we will be providing considerable oversight to make sure funds are used properly.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

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