Nepal Data Points to Need for Strategic Generosity

In reviewing the draft of this year’s Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy report (launching in October), one set of data that leapt off the page for me related to funds that were awarded through Network for Good for the Nepal Earthquake.

Network for Good, one of the awesome data partners that we have for the State of Disaster Philanthropy, reported $2.2 million in total 2015 donations. Of that total amount, $1.7 million was allocated for Nepal. Here is where the fascinating part comes in…
The earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. Network for Good reported that April 28, just three days after the disaster, was the date that received the most number of donations for the earthquake. And then, within just one week of that, 79 percent of all earthquake donations came in.

The dollars that Network for Good report on demonstrate America’s global generosity – our collective willingness to ‘do right’ by all of the world’s citizens. But we could do even better if we used this data to educate donors on the need to fund the full disaster lifecycle.

One of the goals of the State of Disaster Philanthropy report is to change donor behavior around disasters. The report’s tagline – data to drive decisions – drives home the importance of informed disaster philanthropy that focuses on preparedness, mitigation, and medium- and long-term recovery.
Network for Good uses their mobile and internet technology to make giving both easy and global in nature. Their dedication to analyzing the giving data that flow through their giving portals is unprecedented – and incredibly helpful to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Foundation Center as we work to release the Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy report each year.

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