Nice Fund for Victims and Survivors

fund4niceAt least 84 people died and more than 200 were injured on July 14 when a truck rammed through a large crowd celebrating the Bastille Day holiday in Nice, France (located on the southern coast). Police later killed the driver, and the attack is being investigated as an act of terror. The incident is the third mass casualty attack in France since January 2015.
While the story and what we know about facts of what happened will continue to develop in the coming days, we do know several things about answering the call to help after an act of terrorism or violence. One of the first circles of assistance will be to meet the needs of the families of those who lost their lives. A second circle is the needs of those injured in the attack, and the third layer is the needs of those who observed the attack or were otherwise affected.
As Americans, we answered the call for similar needs following the Boston Marathon bombing and the recent Orlando nightclub shooting. Today, our hearts go out to those in France.
To support the victims of this horrible attack, please donate to the Fund for Nice.

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