Sending gratitude to our funders this National Philanthropy Day

Happy National Philanthropy Day!

As we prepare to conclude another eventful year, we at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy feel it is crucial to show our appreciation for the selfless philanthropic community supporting our mission. During this National Philanthropy Day, we aim to highlight philanthropy’s contributions to equitable disaster recovery while sending a special thank you to those who make it possible.

The influence of philanthropy

Philanthropy plays a critical role in confronting the tragic events impacting global communities. As a link between those with resources and those in need, it is a source of hope amidst discouraging times. From raising up humanitarian aid to advocating for social change, the reach of philanthropy is an illustration of the best of humanity.

Philanthropy plays a pivotal role in disaster recovery efforts, offering a lifeline to affected communities. The influence of philanthropic organizations and individuals in the aftermath of crises and disasters cannot be overstated. Their financial contributions, volunteer efforts and resources support those grappling with the devastating impacts of calamities.

When philanthropy is executed effectively and strategically, it has the remarkable potential to illuminate and address the most pressing issues in today’s world. By identifying and prioritizing the critical needs of our global community, philanthropic initiatives can channel resources and attention toward solutions that might otherwise be overlooked. The power of philanthropy lies not only in its financial contributions but in its capacity to raise awareness, rally support and advocate for positive change.

When harnessed thoughtfully, philanthropy can bridge gaps, drive innovation and catalyze transformative impact. It is a force that can transcend borders and unite diverse stakeholders for a common purpose. By leveraging the power of philanthropy to its fullest potential, we have the opportunity to make the world a better place, forging a path toward a more equitable, sustainable and compassionate future for all.

Giving thanks to you!

Our team at CDP works diligently to become the change we wish to see in the world. All of our efforts are made possible by the gracious contributions of our compassionate funders. We are fortunate to have such generous donors who embody our core values of integrity, boldness and innovation, humility, and empathy.

Day to day, we are faced with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for those who stand to support our work and our recovery funds. As we celebrate National Philanthropy Day, we express our deep appreciation for the funders whose efforts and generosity continue to enrich our world and our lives.

Giving Tuesday

We look forward to Giving Tuesday not just as a day to receive support for our mission but also as a day to recognize the collective good we can do when we come together. This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 28. Be sure to mark your calendar!

Dajah McCants

Dajah McCants

Development Communications and Fundraising Strategy Intern