Kerala Floods

Family receives flood relief in the south Indian state of Kerala. The Kerala floods caused more than $5.8 billion in property damage and killed more than 400 people. Photo: Ramakrishna Math.

On Aug. 8, 2018 monsoon downpours began in India’s southwestern state of Kerala, triggering massive flooding and landslides. Hundreds were killed and more than 800,000 people were displaced.

The CDP Approach: Targeted, Localized and Holistic Grants
CDP’s strategic disaster grantmaking:

  • Assesses needs and gaps in funding.
  • Taps into our extensive network of NGOs and partners.
  • Identifies and awards grants to multiple organizations across multiple sectors.
  • Identifies targeted areas/communities in order to reach the most vulnerable.
  • Emphasizes funding local organizations in support of long-term recovery.

CDP Grantmaking Focus Areas In Kerala
To support medium- to long-term recovery efforts, CDP prioritized the following areas:

  • Housing/DRR (disaster risk reduction)
  • Livelihoods
  • WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)

Grants represented good geographic reach across the impacted areas and were awarded to international NGOs viewed as leaders in their sectors, all with proven experience in programming within India.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL | Rebuilding Kerala – Housing Support Service Centers
Project is working to assist 15,000 individuals through Housing Support Services for technical support in accessing government funds, construction planning and training to support families who are rebuilding their homes and their lives.

Highlight to date: Ability to work smoothly with government offices to access funding and construction design approvals efficiently, enabling more than 150 households to begin rebuilding their homes and their lives.

Housing Support Services of Habitat for Humanity assisted with securing proper approvals for reconstructing Mr. Dileep’s house. Paravur Block, Ernakulam District, Kerala, India
Beneficiaries complete their Enterprise Development Program.

PLAN INTERNATIONAL | Kerala Flood Relief- SAKSHAM – Self-Employment Project for Young People
The program is targeting a small, very vulnerable and marginalized community disproportionally affected by the floods by implementing Vocational Training for Entrepreneurship Promotion (VTEP) for 400 youth and women, with a target of 60 percent (240) female participation. The multiple-step program includes identifying and screening participants, training, financial education and access and business development mentorship.

Highlight to date: The first 262 beneficiaries have been identified for the proposed poultry model to be implemented. It is expected to be an innovative, inclusive approach for women-centric poultry farming to help Aranmula Panchayat to become a key contributor in producing and trading eggs to the larger market.

OXFAM INTERNATIONAL | Securing Disaster Recovery and Risk Reduction

Projects are focused on livelihoods augmentation for women of flood-affected families — building back WASH systems and structures to ensure survival and future development of affected families in three disaster-affected districts.

Highlight to date: 5,000 target households (approximately 25,000 people) will have increased access to safe water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion activities that serve to prevent/lower the incidence of public health risks.

An ultrafiltration system installed by Oxfam India in Kerala offers a solution to turbidity, micro-bacterial content and excessive mineral content in water.

“The installation of the filtration system put an end to our biggest woe. For generations, we have been facing difficulty due to unavailability of safe and clean water. Due to Oxfam, now we have clean water in our colony. Gratitude for this can’t be expressed in words,” said Lakshmi, a resident of Puthuvil puthukeri colony

Thanks to your generous support, communities in Kerala are working together with local representatives of trusted international NGOs to rebuild their lives. CDP is proud to partner with you in helping rebuild lives, livelihoods and neighborhoods.