COVID-19: Support for Mental Health, Bereavement and Grief

2 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. CT

As the pandemic continues, serious mental health needs are emerging, including mental illness, depression, anxiety and suicide risk. The seventh and final COVID-19 Series webinar was designed to help raise awareness of the intersection of mental health and COVID-19. Our discussion included what professionals are seeing as individuals, families and communities endure the stresses of uncertainty, illness, death and the economic impacts of the pandemic; the role of cultural sensitivity in addressing the traumas of disaster; how funders are responding to the enormity of the losses; and opportunities for innovative and collaborative grantmaking. The webinar was presented in partnership with the New York Life Foundation.

CDP Assistant Director of Major Initiatives Tanya Gulliver-Garcia moderated the discussion and panelists included:

This webinar series was co-sponsored by Council on Foundations, Grantmakers in Health, National Center for Family PhilanthropyGrantmakers in Aging, the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities, National VOAD, InterAction and United Philanthropy Forum.

During the webinar, we announced the launch of a new Disaster Philanthropy Playbook strategy, along with a tool kit, tip sheet and compilation of resources, designed to support philanthropic knowledge and encourage giving in the areas of mental health, grief and bereavement in the context of disasters.

Please see the slide deckreview responses to unanswered questions and watch the webinar recording to learn more: