Nothing about us without us: Disasters and disabilities

2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. CT

Ameera is a Sesame Workshop Muppet on the show Ahlan Simsim (“Welcome Sesame” in Arabic), the local version of Sesame Street in the Middle East and North Africa. She also stars in Watch, Play, Learn: Early Learning Videos designed to bring playful learning to children affected by conflict and crisis around the world. Ameera is a witty 8-year-old girl who loves science and uses a wheelchair and arm crutches. She helps to represent the 2.5 billion people worldwide who need an assistive device and highlights the urgent need for more inclusive approaches to supporting communities affected by crisis.

People living with disabilities need to be included in all phases of the disaster management process, including planning, mitigation, response and recovery.

The webinar highlighted the interconnections between disasters and disabilities, and panelists discussed the various ways in which disaster inclusion can be practiced.

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia, CDP director of learning and partnerships, moderated the discussion and panelists included:
  • Nikki Brown-Booker, Program Officer, Disability Inclusion Fund at Borealis Philanthropy
  • Scott Cameron, Executive Producer, International Impact, Sesame Workshop
  • Vance Taylor, Chief, Office of Access and Functional Needs, Cal OES

Please see the slide deck, read the recap on Giving Compass and watch the webinar recording to learn more:

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Photo: Ameera and friends. Credit: Sesame Workshop