CDP 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund

The 2017 hurricane season was one of the most active seasons on record, with Hurricanes Irma and Harvey making direct hits on the U.S. mainland, as well as devastating Puerto Rico, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and Cuba.

Hurricane Maria made a direct pass over the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as a Category 5 storm, devastating the area for the second time in the span of ten days. Hurricane Jose made an indirect pass on the Carolinas and the northern seaboard as it swept back out to sea.

(Photo: Ariel survey of damage in northern Puerto Rico Sept. 26, 2017 after Hurricane Maria. Source: U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Nicholas Dutton)

This fund supported these disasters:

About this Fund

We launched the CDP 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Recovery Fund to support medium and long-term recovery in areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Approximately $3.4 million was donated to the Fund.

Grantmaking timeline

Though the transition from relief to recovery typically takes place four or five months after a U.S. disaster, that was not the situation in the Caribbean.

Given this unique situation—particularly in Puerto Rico and the USVI/BVI—CDP adjusted our grantmaking timeline to incorporate a more rigorous, extended assessment and to reflect the complex on-the-ground situation.

September 2018 – $2.9 million awarded to 12 organizations
December 2018 – Full fund distribution

Grant committee

The grant committee for the CDP 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund included:

Committee Chair: Lori J. Bertman, President and CEO of the Baton Rouge- based Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation. Lori is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of CDP.

Dee Baecher-Brown, President, Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands

Janice Petrovich, Executive Director, Red de Fundaciones de Puerto Rico

Sara Moffitt, Program Officer, Crown Family Philanthropies

Javier E. Zapata-Rodríguez, Deputy Director for Economic Development, PathStone Enterprise Center

Bob Ottenhoff, Former President and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy

The CDP 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Recovery Fund raised $3.4 million for long-term recovery for areas affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

CDP began distributing money in September 2018 to 10 organizations to train health care workers, address food insecurity in affected areas, build information management systems to ensure communication between NGOs and community organizations, provide technical assistance to small businesses and support solar energy projects.

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