Meet Our Global Hunger Crisis Fund Grantee Partners

The CDP Global Hunger Crisis Fund supports vulnerable, marginalized and at-risk groups to prevent and address extreme hunger and malnutrition and their urgent, life-threatening impacts.

Through a project funded by a CDP grant to NEXUS Consortium, Somalia, farmers received tractor-tilling services to save time and help them reclaim abandoned land. Photo courtesy of NEXUS Consortium, Somalia.

Adeso – Somalia received a $450,000 grant to provide 20,000 people with increased access to water for drought relief and to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in water-scarce communities in northern Somalia, resulting in safe and clean water that will improve food security and livelihoods outcomes, aid in better sanitation and hygiene practices, and reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

ASAL Humanitarian Network, hosted by ALDEF – Kenya, received $500,000 to provide recovery and build resilience to the hunger crisis in drought and disaster-affected communities through accelerated adoption of survivor and community-led response (SCLR) in 10 ASALs counties in Kenya.

Citizen to Citizen Development Organization – Ethiopia was awarded $250,000 to implement a survivor and community-led response (SCLR) approach in highly food-insecure regions of Ethiopia, providing community-level training and issuing small grants to worthy community-identified and led projects.

Concern Worldwide – Kenya received $475,000 to improve resilience capacities among vulnerable pastoral and agro-pastoral households to respond to and cope positively with the effects of the current drought and future climatic shocks in Turkana and Marsabit Counties, Kenya.

Forum for Women in Development, Democracy and Justice – Kenya received $75,000 to provide training and increase public awareness for 5,200 community members to help address the alarming rates of early forced child marriage, FGM and human trafficking, which has increased drastically due to food insecurity.

NEXUS Consortium – Somalia was awarded $250,095 to improve household livelihood security and increase the ability to adapt and manage climate risks among drought-affected farmers from marginalized communities in Baardhere and Gabiley districts, Somalia.

ORAM – Kenya was awarded a $370,010 grant to meet the immediate food security needs and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable LGBTQIA+ refugees in Kenya impacted by compounded crises of COVID-19, climate and prolonged drought, and conflict in Ukraine that has devastated markets and increased famine risk.

New grantee partners will be posted as additional grant funds are awarded.