Meet Our Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund Grantee Partners

The CDP Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund supports equitable recovery for wildfire-affected families and communities who face unique challenges that can prolong recovery.

Maui, Hawaii (Aug. 14, 2023) - FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance teams begin registering Hawaii Wildfire survivors for assistance. (FEMA photo by Dominick Del Vecchio/Released)

Common Ground Collective received $172,500 to provide local food security and economic support. The seed grant supports their project to ensure fire-displaced Maui residents receive locally-grown, culturally-appropriate food and that Maui’s farmers and growers are paid a just, fair-market price for their yield.

Honolulu Civil Beat, Inc. received $250,000 to support their efforts to provide a local, dedicated journalism team in Maui focused on providing accurate and free community information, informed debate, leadership accountability and encouraging action.

Kelea Foundation received a $250,000 grant to ensure equitable recovery from Maui’s 2023 wildfires for older adults, persons with disabilities or access and functional needs, and persons with complex medical cases through advocacy, case management, transportation services, adaptive recreation opportunities, and an adaptive and medical equipment supply closet.

Maui United Way received $125,000 for its disaster relief fund to provide direct cash assistance to those who lived in the fire impact zone. The process they established to deploy these funds is equitable, accessible and supports those most critically in need.

New grantee partners will be posted as additional grant funds are awarded.