Meet Our Israel and Gaza Relief and Recovery Fund Grantee Partners

The CDP Israel and Gaza Relief and Recovery Fund provides strategic immediate and long-term recovery support to people disproportionately affected by the region’s humanitarian crisis.

A wall at Netiv HaAsara facing the Gaza border reads the words “Path to Peace” in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

IsraAID received $200,000 to establish and operate roving art therapy studios to serve southern Israeli communities severely affected by the devastating Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, many of whom are starting to return home after months of protracted displacement in temporary evacuation centers where they have been coping with grief, trauma, uncertainty and stress. IsraAID will provide safe spaces for people to express and process difficult emotions through creativity, and foster peer support networks geared toward intracommunal self-reliance, creating a foundation for vulnerable, grieving, crisis-affected communities to recover and start to rebuild their sense of safety, normalcy, hope and happiness.

Ground Truth Solutions received $99,997 to collect self-prioritized community data on needs and perceptions, elevate community voice and agency, and ensure that humanitarian response and resilience program planning, implementation, monitoring, advocacy and funding decisions are informed by the views, priorities and perceptions of the traumatized conflict-affected people trapped in Gaza. This project was funded because of the importance of capturing independent, first-hand evidence and a holistic snapshot of the situation, needs, perceptions and priorities directly from the community. When needs are so immense and difficult decisions on prioritization must be taken, independent findings are critical to help ensure the limited funds available are prioritized and spent on programs that are informed and decided by the affected communities.

Norwegian Refugee Council, USA (NRC) received $250,000 to deliver education in emergencies and psychosocial support to young children, youth, teachers, parents and caregivers in Gaza and Syria as part of the Right to Wellbeing 2025 initiative. The intervention will leverage NRC’s signature classroom-based Better Learning Program, which rigorous research has proven is effective and has a tangible positive impact on children caught in crisis, giving them an improved chance and hope for recovery from protracted exposure to stress and trauma.

New grantee partners will be posted as additional grant funds are awarded.