Caleb Ductant

Development Database Assistant

Caleb Ductant is a development database assistant at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. In this role, Caleb supports all aspects of gift entry and implements strategies that ensure sustainability and organizational growth.

Caleb’s previous professional experience in writing, communications and data management refined his skills in maintaining high data integrity and accuracy. Caleb’s work at CDP reinforces ongoing data health, engages with colleagues to maximize the usefulness of data within systems and supports the database manager and the development team.

Caleb is the son of two immigrants. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and raised in Augusta, Georgia. A first-generation college graduate, Caleb holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Auburn University, providing a solid foundation in political theory and international relations that has paved the way for an interesting career.

During his time as a project director at Cherokee Focus in Holly Springs, Georgia, he developed a deep understanding of metrics to help reduce the awareness and use of opioids among youth in Cherokee County, Georgia. In his role, Caleb’s ability to relay data into easy-to-understand formats facilitated informed decision-making within the community. Beyond data presentation, Caleb played a pivotal role in fulfilling grant reporting criteria for government organizations and crafted reports for board meetings. Caleb’s ability to build relationships and foster community engagement was apparent in coordinating events with community leaders for the shared goal of drug prevention.

Caleb also spent time at Clark Atlanta University, where he continued to refine his skills and knowledge. As a member of the Ujamaa Society, he actively contributed to the political science community, embodying a commitment to continuous learning and collaboration.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Caleb served as a communications fellow at the Georgia House Democratic Caucus and a Voter Protection Team Fellow at Fair Fight Action. His roles involved developing talking points for house members, evaluating state bills for policy goals and overseeing large databases with care.

Caleb is an empathetic, caring communicator to people across backgrounds, in concert with his skills in data management and commitment to community engagement. Caleb lives in Atlanta with his partner, Emily and their two dogs, Georgie and Gus.