Juanicia Crump

Midwest Early Recovery Fund Program Associate

Juanicia supports CDP’s Midwest Early Recovery Fund grantmaking as program associate. In her role, she manages data, needs assessment, grant processing and administration, and contributes to elevating the work of grantee partners through impact stories.

With years of experience working with low-income families in impoverished neighborhoods, Juanicia brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. In addition, she has several years of extensive and flexible experience working in family and community-based nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit professional, she has worked primarily in child development, social services, homeless housing, youth leadership and career development for disadvantaged youth.

Juanicia earned her bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences and her master’s degree in human services & program administration from Eastern Illinois University. As part of her internship experience, she developed a community referral program at the local library that provided free services and resources to low-income individuals and families. Juanicia also interned at the William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, gaining experience in grantmaking and nonprofit philanthropy.

Juanicia spends her spare time volunteering at youth leadership camps and homeless shelters to help families in need. Reading, traveling, cooking and hiking are also among her favorite activities.

Articles by Juanicia Crump

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