An End in Sight

The Salvation Army, Midland Division received a grant from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund to hire a full-time construction site supervisor and community coordinator to cover the St. Louis and Mid-Missouri region. As the area rebuilds and recovers from the damage caused by the 2017 floods, the construction site supervisor and community coordinator will be vital to ensure the completion of construction and other related needs.

Working with the construction manager from Catholic Charities, the community coordinator visits homes affected by the flooding to establish what has to be done to help families repair and rebuild. Once needs are assessed, they determine what materials, supplies and volunteer labor are required to complete the project. They then direct the use of donated materials and oversee the recruitment and coordination of volunteer groups to ensure that skills, ability and timing are matched to the appropriate project.

Homeowners are excited to welcome the community coordinator into their homes because it’s a crucial first step toward recovery. The relief is evident in their eyes as they discuss the repairs and support they need, and realize that in end is finally in sight.

(Photo source: The Salvation Army, Midland Division)