Hurricane Dorian

One of the longest lasting Atlantic hurricanes, Dorian grew to hurricane strength on Aug. 28, 2019 and was unrelenting through Sept. 7. It was the strongest storm ever to hit The Bahamas.

The CDP Approach: Targeted, Localized and Holistic Grants
CDP’s strategic disaster grantmaking:

  • Taps into our extensive network of NGOs and partners.
  • Identifies priority areas/communities in order to reach the most vulnerable.
  • Allocates grants that lay the groundwork for effective, long-term recovery.

CDP Grantmaking Focus Areas In The Bahamas

These two couples were among the first families selected as part of the recovery program in eastern Grand Bahama.

The first two grants are funding debris removal and management programs in four communities across hard-hit Grand Bahama and Abaco islands.

This cash-for-work approach supports livelihoods for the local community, so these grants are a first step toward families returning home and the islands’ long-term recovery.

Grantees: Global Relief Recovery & Reconstruction (GER3) and Community Organized Relief Efforts (CORE) | Collaborating on Clean Up – Helping the Recovery and Rebuilding Process Begin

Dane Wunder at work. Debris removal is a critical first step for recovery. After cleanup, residents can begin rebuilding their homes and their lives.

The affected areas in Eastern Grand Bahama Island are clogged with debris from shattered houses (plywood, wood panels, concrete blocks), household goods, vehicles and natural

debris such as downed trees uprooted by the storm surge – all impeding recovery efforts. In addition, the process of recovery is hampered by the fact that Hurricane Dorian decimated residents’ main sources of livelihoods: fishing and tourism. The initial CDP grants to GER3 and CORE are supporting debris removal and job creation for the community.

I am grateful to GER3 and CDP for the opportunity to allow me being part of the reconstruction process of my community, helping my neighbors and for the financial support you are giving to my wife and me to start over again.”

– Dane Wunder, High Rock community resident

(Photo source: CORE)