Keeping Children Safe and Sound

The little girl pictured here lived in a home that was falling apart after being flooded in 2017. There was mold growing in the bedroom she shared with her brother, a wall was held together by duct tape, the floor was rotted, and there were rats in the house. The family was barely getting by. After a custody battled to get the children away from an abusive father, their mother was struggling to provide for her children and keep them safe. The trauma and unsafe living environment were causing behavioral issues for the children.

Thanks to a grant from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund, Whole Kids Outreach was able to hire an additional social worker to support children and families affected by the 2017 floods in Van Buren, Missouri. An elementary school principal and counselor referred this family to the social worker who helped them find better housing. Their new home is in town and the family will be able to walk to work, school and the grocery store. The family is also working closely with Catholic Charities to help pay for rent and utilities. After the family is settled, the social worker will determine if the children need additional counseling or assistance.

(Photo source: Photo: Charlotte Johnson)