Real Partnership in Place

The young men in this picture attended a training arranged by Pine Ridge Long-Term Recovery to learn how to cut and replace glass. This skill is now being used to repair glass in homes damaged by hail. The work was a true partnership with the office of the OST Emergency Management providing a glass cutter, Running Strong assisting with glass, the Lutheran Lakota Job Corp providing workers and funding from a grant from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund supporting the work. The partnership in place will support repairs in homes damaged by the August 2017 storm, as well as the storms from 2018. To date, 21 windows have been reframed.

Mazaska Owecaso Otipi Financial received a grant from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund to support disaster case management services related to severe storms in Minnesota. Mazaska is the fiscal agent of the Pine Ridge Long-Term Recovery Committee.

(Photo source: Mazaska Owecaso Otipi Financial)