The Key to Recovery

The devastating Labor Day flood damaged and destroyed homes and vehicles in Manhattan, Kansas. Martha Lafebre will never forget her daughter’s frantic phone call telling her to leave her apartment immediately. As her daughter watched the news, she saw the water coming up fast around Martha’s building. Martha grabbed as many things as she could hold. By the time she got to her car, water was already up to her tires and was still rising. Luckily, her car started and she was able to drive away. All she remembers thinking is, “Drive Martha, just drive.”

After escaping her apartment, Martha lived in a hotel for months until Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas helped her find a new home. The photo above shows Martha moments after Catholic Charities delivered her deposit and first two months of rent check. She is opening the door to her new home for the very first time. In her hand is a key, the key to Martha’s dreams coming true.

Catholic Charities received a grant from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund to support disaster case management services, including needs assessment and case work, related to the Kansas flooding.

(Photo source: Deborah Abner, Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas)