The ROAD to recovery for Oklahoma families in need

“As the only full-time disaster recovery organization in the state focused on home repairs, this grant enabled us to continue to fill a void in recovery efforts.” – Chad Detwiler, President & CEO, ROAD

In the spring of 2022, Oklahoma faced a series of devastating disasters, including severe tornadoes and floods that wreaked havoc on local communities. Countless homes were damaged, leaving families in dire need of support. Amid the chaos, the Recovering Oklahomans After Disaster (ROAD) organization stepped in as a beacon of hope for those with little to no means to recover.

ROAD aims to make families and communities more resilient to disasters, homelessness and instability. Many of the families they assisted after the 2022 severe storms and flooding lived in substandard housing, and the disasters exacerbated their living conditions, posing severe health and safety concerns. ROAD worked tirelessly to repair homes, enhance safety measures and fortify structures against future storms.

In 2022, CDP awarded a grant with funding from the Midwest Early Recovery Fund (ERF) and the Disaster Recovery Fund to ROAD to support housing recovery and construction management. The CDP grant proved to be a game-changer for ROAD. With these funds, ROAD was able to hire project managers, provide vocational training, secure labor and cover administrative costs. This support enabled ROAD to assist more than 115 disaster-affected families. They hosted 10 volunteer teams comprising 145 volunteers who contributed a remarkable 5,834 hours of service, valued at $146,238.03.

ROAD’s commitment to helping those in need was evident in its focus on supporting disaster survivors with limited resources. Most of their qualifying households that received assistance earned less than $25,000 annually, often lacked a high school diploma, and included individuals with disabilities, single-parent homes, tribal affiliations, and veterans.

Among the families ROAD served was a veteran facing the daunting reality that his home was beyond repair. In an inspiring collaboration with 30 different organizations and businesses, ROAD spearheaded the construction of a brand-new, fully funded and furnished house for the veteran and his family. Community and compassion were evident every step of the way.

CDP is proud to partner with ROAD to provide long-term recovery services to Oklahomans after the disasters. ROAD has emerged as a pillar model in disaster services and relief efforts, showcasing the transformative impact that dedicated organizations can have on communities in their toughest times. The ROAD to recovery for families in Oklahoma was paved with resilience, compassion and a shared commitment to rebuilding not just homes but hope for the future.

The 2022 grant was not the first time CDP has supported ROAD, and it won’t be the last time. With funding from the ERF and the CDP Tornado Recovery Fund, ROAD continues to work on supporting recovery from disasters that occurred in 2023.

Story by Juanicia Crump

Photo: Colorado Springs’ Cross Fellowship Church volunteered in Oklahoma to help clean up debris for eight disaster survivors. Photo courtesy of ROAD