Harvey Response Overwhelms

Our website crashed yesterday, multiple times and in multiple ways. At a time when we knew that many people were looking to us to provide guidance on how to effectively respond to Hurricane Harvey, we were not there – totally unavailable.

I should be frustrated. But I’m not. Why?

A Texas National Guardsman carries a residents from her home during flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, US State Department of Defense

Because the fact that our website crashed is a testament to how generous people are. There were SO many people who came to us today to better understand the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and more importantly Hurricane Harvey and its devastation.
The uptick in traffic was the direct result of the kindness, compassion, and generosity of people living all across the United States, and beyond, who wanted to support Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. In a way, our website was just as overwhelmed as we were with this heartfelt giving.
As was announced on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, Facebook matched every dollar raised up to $1 million for Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund. We are so thankful to the Facebook community who have supported this campaign.
In the coming weeks and months, the team at CDP will carefully research unmet needs, vet local and national nonprofit organizations with the capacity and capabilities to help Texas and Louisiana recover.
The CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund is focused on medium- and long-term rebuilding needs. We know from past disasters, especially through our experiences with hurricanes and floods, full recovery will likely take many years. The CDP Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund will support recovery needs long after the TV cameras and news teams roll-up coverage and turn the eye of the world away from this disaster.
As the disaster recovery needs unfold, and as our team works to allocate dollars across the Harvey-affected areas, we will work to keep you all up to date on our progress. We will do our level best to offer updates on Facebook, through our blogs, and across our website.

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