Natalie Worthan

Systems and Special Projects Manager

Natalie Worthan serves the Center for Disaster Philanthropy as Systems and Specials Projects Manager.  

In her role, she has worked across the team to implement two organizational-wide database transitions; build custom CRM and grantmaking databases; implement system policies, procedures and trainings; manage system integrations and updates; and provide technical support, systems management and process improvement for internal and external stakeholders.  

Other experiences include development consultant, assistant director of annual giving, grants program coordinator, development officer, primary grant writer, membership and communications coordinator, special fundraising events coordinator, and dedicated volunteer. 

For over 18 years, Natalie has served nonprofit organizations with an emphasis on organizational growth, relationship building and team development. Natalie describes herself as a person with a passion to serve, connect with people and advance worthy missions. She contributes success to a people-first mentality and has been proud to champion initiatives across the country for disaster recovery, housing rehabilitation, community revitalization, art preservation, education and access, environment and sustainability, higher education, mental health, equitable access to health and wellness resources, disaster recovery, economic development, education and literacy, and veterans and military service members.  

When people ask Natalie to describe herself, she does not hesitate to say that first she is a proud mother and military spouse. Her family’s belief in service has taken them across the country and around the world. With 12 moves, Natalie has been proud to call Alabama, Georgia, Rhode Island, North Carolina, New York, California, Kansas, Italy, Maryland, and most recently, Virginia, home. She is thankful for the inspiring people and leaders she has met along the way that have dedicated their lives in service to our nation and others.  

Her longtime friend adds: “Natalie is a talented and giving soul. She has a wonderful zest for life and her drive to make the most out of each day is unparalleled. She invests in her relationships and is supportive, loving, and loyal. You will have the best time collaborating with her  ̶  it is hard not to because she has a great sense of humor and is game for most things. To get to know Natalie better ask her about the next adventure she hopes to take or what is on her bucket list this year. You will want to take notes.” 

Natalie is grateful for the opportunity to serve CDP as a remote team member and to champion equitable disaster recovery around the world alongside an incredible team. 

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