CDP Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund

Houses on fire on Boulder County caused by the Marshall Fire

In response to the historic 2020 Colorado wildfire season, CDP launched the Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund in October 2020.

Three years and multiple wildfires – including the devastating Marshall Fire of 2021 – later, CDP announced the final grant award and the closing of this fund in June 2023.

Since the launch of the fund, CDP raised and granted about $1.7 million to support recovery from wildfires across Colorado.

Our team worked across the state to support families and communities as they recovered from fires that affected them.

We know the recovery process lasts long beyond when the fire is extinguished. CDP addressed this through targeted grantmaking that prioritized medium- and long-term recovery needs identified in collaboration with local partners.

Photo by South Metro Fire Rescue via Twitter.

This fund supported these disasters:

Funding focus

Generous donors throughout the U.S. allowed the Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund to support:

  • Expanding local capacity for recovery.
  • Local community recovery groups and their efforts to coordinate resources.
  • Reforestation, protecting the watershed and other efforts to address the effects of climate change on the environment to mitigate future devastating damage.
  • Providing trauma-informed care and psycho-social support for communities as they recover from disasters.

With support from our Colorado Wildfires Fund, our grantee partners helped affected communities rebuild stronger than before the fires struck.

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Supporting youth mental health in schools

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Thank you to the following donors for their generous support of the CDP Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund.

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  • Mary and Dan Druml Charitable Fund
  • The Finkelstein Family
  • Kelley Ryan

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