Meet Our Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund Grantee Partners

The CDP Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund supports the most underserved and at-risk earthquake-affected families and communities as they work to rebuild and recover from the 2023 earthquakes.

A small group of tent housing in a lot in Antakya, Turkey. Some residents do not want to go to the larger tent camps, and instead wanted to live closer to their old property. (Photo by Adrian Greer)

Support to Life received a $750,000 grant (April 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024) to work with earthquake-affected communities in Turkey to identify and implement 90 community-identified projects through the Survivor and Community-led Response (SCLR) approach. The CDP team visited project sites and monitored the impact of microgrants in local affected communities.

MapAction received $40,000 from CDP’s Turkey & Syria Earthquake Fund to provide essential maps and data insights after the earthquakes to assist partners (UNDAC & WHO) in responding to the humanitarian emergencies in Turkey and Syria.

Building Markets received $250,000 to provide marginalized refugee entrepreneurs with tools and financial recovery plans to restart their small businesses, supporting the economic recovery of their households and their vulnerable affected employees. CDP visited some beneficiaries/program participants and heard first-hand accounts of the impact of funds on local and international businesses.

New grantee partners will be posted as additional grant funds are awarded.