Alex Gray

Director, International Funds

humanitarian leadership, policy & practice; equitable recovery

As director of international funds, Alex Gray oversees all of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s global funds and grantmaking. He manages existing partnerships, cultivates new ones and ensures that funds are allocated responsibly, equitably, and to the geographies, issues and populations that need them most. He also chairs the Strengthening Local Humanitarian Leadership Collaborative, a group of U.S.-based funders committed to equity, solidarity and local partnership in humanitarian action.

With more than 17 years of experience in international humanitarian policy and practice, Alex brings a unique blend of operational and strategic expertise to disaster philanthropy. Throughout his career, he has spent much of his time innovating and pioneering new approaches and initiatives to foster new partnerships and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the aid sector. He was an early adopter and pioneer in the large-scale use of cash as an effective, dignified means of meeting the needs of disaster- and crisis-affected populations and has been a global leader and an active voice in the global advocacy space.

Alex is a sought-after speaker on issues related to climate-related and complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs) and disasters, humanitarian leadership, humanitarian policy and practice, ensuring equity in humanitarian action, and the decentralization and localization of humanitarian action, appearing in various webinars, keynotes and conferences such as the UN Global Refugee Summit, Global Cash Forum, Grand Bargain Cash Workstream, Out Summit and Interaction Forum among others.

Prior to working at CDP, Alex worked with several leading international nongovernmental organizations, including Save the Children, Plan International, Relief International, and most recently, Sesame Workshop, where he led the world’s largest global initiative designed to transform the way the world responds to young children caught up in crisis. His work footprint is entirely global with on-the-ground, lived experience in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, U.K. and the U.S.

He spent his early career as a management consultant with KPMG specializing in public sector service provision, including health care and government.

Alex holds an undergraduate degree in accounting, a Chartered Accounting qualification, a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Leadership, and is currently completing a graduate degree in poverty reduction.

He believes passionately in humanity, equality and social justice and is an active volunteer leader, currently serving on the board of The Out Foundation in New York. Alex continues his scholarly pursuits as an adjunct professor in Humanitarian Leadership at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to enjoying working with the next generation of local humanitarian leaders, he is an active supporter and advocate for Deakin’s Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, sharing their vision of a decentralized humanitarian system where affected populations and local leaders are empowered and at the heart of humanitarian action. He is thrilled that local humanitarian leadership is a priority for CDP, too.

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