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Nice Fund for Victims and Survivors


At least 84 people died and more than 200 were injured on July 14 when a truck rammed through a large crowd celebrating the Bastille Day holiday in Nice, France (located on the southern coast). Police later killed the driver, … Continued


How Donors Can Reverse Tragic IDP Trend

“The global phenomenon of internal displacement shows few if any signs of abating. The responses of national governments and the international community to date have all but failed to limit its scope, let alone reverse the upward trend in internally … Continued

IDMC-Global IDP Report 2016

Four Ways Funders Can Respond to Tragedy


In response to the Orlando shooting and the very difficult question: “What would I do if my community was faced with a tragedy?” On June 22, about 10 days after a shooter opened fire in an Orlando night club, killing … Continued