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Reflections on the 2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy


There are few races more sacred in the running community than the Boston Marathon.  It is the crown jewel of races – known for it’s elite runners and fast field. I will probably never qualify for Boston. But as a … Continued

Anna Newman
Disaster Management Analyst

Five Things I Learned from My Trip to Oso, Washington


A DEVASTING DISASTER. Any death or destruction from a natural disaster is horrific, but this tragedy seems particularly awful. After several days of torrential rain, the top of a hill nearly 1000 feet high became unhinged, sending a violent flow of … Continued

Bob Ottenhoff (

Six Simple Questions To Drive Grantmaking


I have said before that I think being a grantmaker is a privilege, and it is work that I take great pride and joy in doing. The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy poised the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to become … Continued

Regine Webster