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Floods Do Not Flatter


It is raining in Nashville, the kind of lazy grey day that makes me want to scoop up my kids, lounge on the couch and eat freshly popped popcorn. My grass will be greener tomorrow, the pollen will have settled, … Continued

Regine A. Webster, vice president, Center for Disaster Philanthropy

World Humanitarian Day: Call to Protect Humanitarian Workers and Volunteers


This special World Humanitarian Day 2016 update is by Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, Under Secretary General for Partnerships, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Sarah Williamson, Executive Director of Protect the People. Every day, around the world … Continued

Abdul Kader Fayad / Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Responding to Louisiana Floods


The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is monitoring the historic flood situation in Louisiana. We are gathering information on organizations mobilizing to support affected residents, as well as funders working to bring resources to affected communities. If your organization is interested … Continued

LAFlood SoE video