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Webinar Panelists Discuss the Ever Changing Fight With Ebola


By Anna R. Hurt Center for Disaster Philanthropy It’s been one year since the first Ebola patient in West Africa died. It took nearly three months for international non-governmental organizations working in West Africa nations to begin calling it a pandemic … Continued

Early Recovery Fund Meets Needs in Low-Attention Midwest Disasters


Nancy Beers joined the Center for Disaster Philanthropy in October as the program officer for the Early Recovery Fund. The CDP Early Recovery Fund—the organization’s largest to date– is a $2 million fund created to efficiently and effectively allocate money … Continued

Nancy Beers, Early Recovery Fund Program Officer

Can data help save lives and protect vulnerable populations?

The use of data to drive philanthropic decisions has been discussed at great length by the philanthropic sector over the past few years, and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy has been captivated by the energy around this topic.  One of … Continued