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Three CDP Initiatives That Address Place-Based Philanthropy


I am currently attending the Council on Foundation’s Community Foundation conference in Cleveland, Ohio, and the topic of place-based philanthropy is at the top of all attendee’s minds. The question of “How can I best serve my community?” in all … Continued

October a Critical Month to the Ebola Crisis


The first week of October is off to a robust start at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and the remainder of the month promises to continue at a fast pace. On Oct. 1, we hosted a webinar on Building Disaster … Continued

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New Approach Models Building Resilience in the Face of Recurring Crises


By Tony Pipa Special to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy When shocks hit—droughts, floods, typhoons, locusts—the most vulnerable populations are inevitably the hardest hit, with the least ability to recover before new shocks strike. In the past decade, the global … Continued

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