Our recovery funds provide you the opportunity to give now to support needs that will continue to surface long after our attention has turned away from a disaster.

Virtually all disaster-related giving stops within about three months, while long-term recovery can take months or even years. It’s not until later that you see the full impact of a disaster on mental health, housing, and the economy.

Disaster recovery is the process of improving individual, family and community resiliency after the occurrence of a disaster. Recovery is not only about the restoration of structures, systems and services – although they are critical. A successful recovery is also about individuals and families being able to rebound from their losses and sustain their physical, social, economic, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

CDP collaborative funds maximize your disaster donations by supporting strategic, long-term recovery and building stronger, more resilient communities. Emphasis is placed on investing well rather than investing quickly, addressing the greatest needs and gaps in funding that may yet to emerge.

Though each fund will focus on the challenges presented by the actual event, all funds will operate with two bedrock principles:

  • First, most money will be allocated to mid- and long-term disaster recovery, since we know recovery takes a long time, and not all needs are readily apparent.
  • Second, we will focus our grantmaking on the most vulnerable, those who need our help the most.

We recover direct costs, as well as retain 5 percent to manage all of the expenses CDP will incur as a nonprofit organization, including forming an advisory committee of subject matter experts, researching other donors and nonprofits, conducting due diligence on prospective grant recipients, awarding grants and following up to make sure contributions are well spent.